Water Pipe Rehabilitation

The world's first fiberglass liner for the trenchless rehabilitation of potable water pipes

GRP liner H2O

Suitable for potable water pipes

GRP liner H2O is approved by NSF / ANSI Standard 61 in US.

Diameter100 mm – 1.000 mm
Maximum working pressure40 bar
Maximum possible installation length350 m


Production in accordance with hygiene standards

Compliance with hygienic standards of production.

Sealing from the ingress of external water.

Impregnation with resin in the factory.

Installation method - pulled in place - no contamination, liquid fraction or lubricants.

UV lamp kills bacteria.

Environmental Safety

No impact of resins and chemicals.

No consequences of trenchless pipelines rehabilitation.

ISO 9001 quality control

Quality control of all raw materials and resin mixtures.

Highest quality and reliability.

Long shelf life

The liner impregnated with resin can be stored for up to 6 months.

No time limit for installation.


Fiberglass liner for trenchless rehabilitation of damaged or depressurized potable water pipes.

Films from the inner and outer sides protect from contamination and emulsification with resins

Impregnation with styrene-free resin in the factory.

Сuring with UV – light

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