Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation

Pipe Rehabilitation with liner is a method of trenchless pipe repair. GRP liner is pulled by a winch into a repairable pipeline, spread out with compressed air and cured with UV lamps.

The liner makes it possible to create a new durable pipe that fits snugly against the walls of the repaired sewer pipe and precisely repeats its geometry.

Typically, four hours are enough to repair the pipeline and put into operation the repaired section.

Stages of rehabilitation

A pre-liner is pulled through. Then a winch cable which pulls the fiberglass liner through the pipe.

Pipe Rehabilitation

Packers are mounted on the edges of the pipe. Compressed air is supplied through them, which inflates the liner. The liner fits snugly against the walls of the pipeline, repeating its shape.

UV lamps are placed inside the liner.

Pipe Rehabilitation

The rehabilitated section is connected to the main after curing.

Pipe Rehabilitation

Suitable for Cities

Rehabilitation with a GRP liner is the most optimal solution for trenchless pipeline repair for the city. The benefits of such rehabilitation of pipelines on narrow city streets, in residential areas, with traffic are clear.

Residents, drivers, and owner of adjacent lands require repair without noise and dust, in the shortest possible time.

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